Group demands answers in Fordson High School hazing investigation

DEARBORN, Mich. – Students and parents of students at Fordson High School in Dearborn who were protesting Sunday said they feel the district isn’t doing enough to keep them informed after rumors have spread of an assault.

Officials said student confidentiality prohibits them from explaining exactly what happened on school property.

A small group gathered outside Fordson High School Sunday to demand answers.

"I understand you need time, because it’s an ongoing investigation, but at the same time, you can’t expect parents to understand that, like, 'Oh, we need time to figure this out.’ They have children that are going to this school," former Fordson student Ghadeer Ankouni said. 

On Friday, Dearborn Public School officials said the district was investigating what they called a hazing incident. 

On social media, rumors spread that a football player assaulted another player. 

The district confirmed it was not a case of rape. 

Parents and students said they don’t know what to believe.

"We found out about it from other students on social media, and I don’t think that’s a nice way to find out about something that happened," Ankouni said.

"This was just one kid," student Hussein el Khtib said. "(He) doesn’t represent the whole school."

"I’m outraged with fear for my daughter to come to school now," parent Rima Hodroge said.

Sunday’s anti-bullying protest was in response to concerns students were prevented from speaking out.

"Just let them protest," one student said. "Let them say what they want."

"Whether it was bullying or sexual assault, we are not going to have that at our school," Hodroge said.

Local 4 News reached out to Dearborn police, but they did not want to comment. 

"The individuals involved in this isolated incident have been identified and appropriate disciplinary measures have been taken," the district said in a statement. "On behalf of all students and staff members at Fordson, I extend our most sincere apologies to the victim of this rogue hazing incident."

Community activists said a much larger protest is planned for late next week.

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