New Amazon Key service would allow delivery drivers inside homes

Amazon reveals new service to combat package thieves

DETROIT – Amazon is attracting a lot of attention for launching a new service that allows delivery drivers to enter homes.

It's called Amazon Key, and it will be offered starting next month for Amazon Prime members.

How does it work? Are people going to allow strangers into their homes?

Package thefts have risen to epidemic status throughout the country. Deliveries left on porches for more than a few minutes can become easy targets for thieves. Amazon thinks Amazon Key is the solution.

How it works

Homeowners would need to purchase Amazon's internet-connected security camera and a digital "smart" lock for their door.

Together, the two items cost about $250.

When the driver arrives at a home, he or she will receive a one-time encrypted code to unlock the door. The homeowner will receive an alert that a delivery is happening, and the cloud camera starts recording when the door is unlocked.

Homeowners can watch live on their phones.

Mixed response from customers

To many Amazon customers, the idea sounds great, but the issue of who to trust is the concern echoed by many homeowners.

Many others are intrigued by the idea but not sold on it without more information.

Amazon said the service will go live Nov. 7.

You can learn more about the Amazon Key by clicking here.

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