WATCH: Monica Conyers confronts reporters seeking her husband outside Detroit home

DETROIT – Monica Conyers was not happy Wednesday morning when she confronted reporters outside her Detroit home. 

Her husband, Rep. John Conyers, returned to Detroit on Tuesday night amid more calls for him to resign amid multiple sexual harassment allegations. Monica Conyers told reporters to try to reach him at his office instead of at their home. 

"Go to his office, that's where he's a public figure. When he's here, we're a family. We're a home," she said. 

Conyers said she wonders if reporters would "go and stalk white people's houses."

"Do you just come to the black neighborhoods and stalk our houses?" she said. 

Buzzfeed News reported last week that Rep. Conyers settled a complaint in 2015 with a woman who alleged she was fired from his staff because she rejected his advances. The website says Conyers' office paid the woman over $27,000 in a confidential settlement. 

Monica Conyers said she wants the person making sexual harassment allegations against her husband to be named publicly. 

Watch her comments above. 

Earlier Wednesday morning, John Conyers III defended his father calling the accusations and pushes for his father to resign unfortunate and "dicsoncerting."

"It's very unfortunate to see him fight so long for so many people and to automatically have the allegations assumed to be true. And of course, with sexual assault, women are to be believed. But in this instance he has no history of this," said Conyers III. "And I think that if we're not going to make Al Franken resign when we have evidence of him groping a woman while she was asleep ... it's disconcerting to me to see the way my father is being treated after he's given so much to this country, not just for black people but for people alike. He fights for everyone."

Meanwhile, Rep. Conyers stepped down from his position as ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee over the weekend. 

"I deny these allegations, many of which were raised by documents reportedly paid for by a partisan alt-right blogger. I very much look forward to vindicating myself and my family before the House Committee on Ethics," he tweeted.