Rep. John Conyers to announce decision on future Tuesday amid sexual harassment claims

Conyers remains hospitalized amid sexual harassment allegations


DETROIT – Rep. John Conyers is set to make an announcement about his future on Tuesday morning following allegations of sexual misconduct. 

Conyers and his attorney Arnold Reed will appear in the Mildred Gaddis radio show Tuesday morning to make an announcement. 

Sources tell Local 4's Rod Meloni that Conyers is expected to retire due to medical issues.

Conyers has been hospitalized since last week suffering from stress issues, according to his attorney. Last week, several leading on Capitol Hill called for his resignation. 

A rally in support of Conyers was held Monday. The rally was organized by a group who believes -- at the very least -- the congressman deserves some time. 

"It seems to have been a rush to judgment here. They feel that this is premature. He has not had a hearing and that that is a violation of his basic right to due process," said Conyers' attorney Arnold Reed. 

The group says the rush to judgment is from those calling for Conyers to resign. The 88-year-old congressman faces sexual harassment allegations from his former staff members. However, he has denied any wrongdoing. 

Meanwhile, Conyers remains hospitalized. He was admitted last week. Reed said the congressman's health is better and he is considering his options. 


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