Tenants being removed from Ypsilanti group home at center of death investigation

Officials question whether group home was licensed

YPSILANTI, Mich. – Ambulances have arrived to move tenants out of an Ypsilanti group home at the center of a death investigation.

Local 4 has learned up to seven people called the house their home, but many who lived there are being removed from the facility because the entire operation appears to have been unlicensed.

Ypsilanti police returned to the home, where a tenant died two days ago. Police searched inside with flashlights, while outside, the tenant's family members brought out belongings and eventually took their loved one's body from the group home.

Police said a house on Monroe Street is where the 64-year-old tenant died, but when they received the 911 call to check on him, they found him a block away at a duplex on Madison Street.

Someone moved the dead man's body, and investigators said it was the owner of the group home, who was arrested.

The group home owner has not been charged. Her name doesn't appear in any state database for licensed group home facilities.

Ypsilanti police confirmed they are investigating why and how the group home was able to operate.

You can watch Jermont Terry's full story in the video posted above.