Detroit officials to crack down after debris takes over west side neighborhood

DETROIT – A huge eyesore is taking over a neighborhood on Detroit’s west side. 

What started as a home renovation ended with junk dumped at the curb. Now, many residents are wondering who will be held responsible for the cleanup. 

Almost every home on the block along Plainview Avenue is occupied. Residents said they take pride in their property. When a new owner took over, people said they were hopeful things would change. They did, but not for better. 

Neighbors said after years of dealing with squatters and drug users in the vacant home, a new owner was fixing up the place. 

But what neighbors got is not what they were anticipating. 

"They’ve dumped all over the place -- driveway, sidewalk and all over the street," community activist Jonathan Pommerville said.

Community activists caught wind of the growing pile of garbage in Warrendale and said the days of dumping in Detroit are over. 

"We want them to know it won’t be tolerated," Pommerville said.

Residents notified officials of the mess on Saturday through the Improve Detroit app. 

City officials said they are now investigating and that owners could get hit with a huge fine if they put debris on the curb without letting DPW know beforehand. 

The same goes for renovating without a proper permit. 

"We want to make an example out of them," District 7 deputy manager Mona Ali said.

Officials from a number of agencies said they will be in the area Monday to inspect the property and look into potential fines. 

"If they had a dumpster, we wouldn’t be here," Pommerville said.

DPW officials said they will also be in the area investigating any potential fines, and district managers will be there talking to residents.

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