Dog with carabiner hooked into his skin rescued in Detroit

3-year-old shepherd-rottweiler mix found outside in freezing temperatures

DETROIT – A dog was rescued in Detroit after being found outside in the freezing temperatures with a carabiner piercing his skin.

The 3-year-old shepherd-rottweiler mix was rescued by Detroit Animal Control. When they got a look at the damage to his neck -- a heavy chain with a carabiner hooked into his fur and skin -- they knew it required emergency surgery.

"It has been in his neck for several weeks," Kristina Rinaldi, of Detroit Dog Rescue, said. "It looks like something out of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

Animal Control called Rinaldi for help. The city doesn't have the resources to pay $10,000 in medical bills for a single animal.

Rinaldi picked him up and took him for emergency surgery at the Oakland Veterinary Referral Services.

"I couldn't imagine the magnitude of pain, but the whole time he’s been the bravest boy," Rinaldi said. "He’s wagging his tail. He’s giving hugs. He just has the most courage.

She said she's decided to call him Courage.

Detroit Dog Rescue put out a plea for help, and the Bissell Foundation said it will cover the medical expenses. Any money DDR raises will go toward prosecuting the person responsible for torturing him.

DDR is looking for a medical foster for Courage until he’s available for adoption.

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