Oakland County women create song for Metro Detroit ice dancers competing in Olympics

Madison Chock and Evan Bates use song during Olympic competition

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – A Metro Detroit singer and violinist are helping skaters go for the gold.

There's a special story behind the music of singer Olivia Millerschin and violinist Sonia Lee. It started with a secret recording session and transformed into something magical for Metro Detroit ice dancers competing on the world stage.

"We've gotten so many people who've asked us about our music and asked us how it came to be," Millerschin said.

Last spring, Millerschin got a call late at night from Lee, who asked her to drop everything and come to an Oakland County recording studio.

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Lee played her violin and Millerschin sang.

"I just thought the world needs her voice at this time," Lee said.

Their performance of "Imagine" would be the perfect musical selection for Madison Chock and Evan Bates -- two Metro Detroit ice dancers competing in the Olympics.

"We thought that it would be the perfect symbol to promote peace and positivity and acceptance on a global stage, and we felt that it also really goes hand-in-hand with the Olympic creed," Bates said.

Lee not only worked in a recording studio, she also worked with the couple on the ice.

"I was happy to pour my heart into it," Lee said.

"We would be on the ice and we would be working through the part and she had her violin and she would be playing as we were skating and (coach Igor Shpilband) would be with her and just tell her, 'See, right here is where we need an accent,'" Chock said.

They added Millerschin to the mix and the magic was created.

"Fantastic," Chock said. "Voice of an angel."

"I couldn't believe that I was allowed to be a part of it," Millerschin said. "I want to do it justice. The song was written with the exact intent that it has nowadays, too."

As the United States cheers for Chock and Bates, the entire world will be listening to the artists from Oakland County, who wanted to remind people of an important message.

"Hope someday you will join us and the world will be as one," Millerschin said.

What will Millerschin and Lee be doing when their song is played as Chock and Bates compete? They said they will be on the sofa watching, eating Skinny Pop and probably crying.

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