Have You Heard About These Programs Making A Difference In The D?

We always like to shed light on some of the places that are making a difference in our community every single day. Reverend V. Lonnie Peek, Jr. joined us on Live in the D on behalf of our friends at Wayne County Community College District. WCCCD has a lot going on to make a difference in the D. They have a program called Chancellors Leadership Institute for 9th grade students. The institute will help them learn leadership skills and eventually earn college credits. 

There are 5 pilot high schools where students can enroll in the program at WCCCD. They are: Northwestern, East English Village Prep Academy, CMA, DSA, and King High School. If your child is in one of those high schools, talk to their counselor at the school to sign up for this program. 

Reverend Lonnie Peek, Jr. also talked about Black History Month at the Wright Museum in Detroit. The Wright museum has events going on all month for Black History Month and all of the events are free and open to the public. For information on those events you can visit the museum's website thewright.org.