Allen Park Public Schools speaks out against 'false narrative'

'No credible threat' officials say


ALLEN PARK, Mich. – Officials from Allen Park Public Schools and the Board of Education spoke out against "sensational" and "inaccurate" reporting.

A news release from Allen Park Public Schools was issued in order to correct what the school board called a "false narrative" regarding recent student threats.

"Our staff, students and parents can be assured of our commitment to continue to provide the safest possible learning environment for our students," the news release said.

According to the release, on Feb. 12, one or more Allen Park student had posted on social media a photo of firearms with the caption "school shooter coming near a school near you.” 

Officer Madrigal from the Allen Park Police Department contactedPrincipal John Kelley regarding the potential threat. Both went to the lunchroom, detained and questioned the students and learned that the posting was intended as a “prank” and not a credible threat. The Allen Park Police Department completed its investigation with the conclusion that there was no credible, imminent threat to the public and no risk of harm to any student or staff. 

Students were disciplined according to the student code of conduct.

The press release said three police officers went to a student's home on Feb. 16 after the student had texted a photo of a gun magazine with the caption "Thank you NRA." The student denied any attempt to make a threat or harm anyone. 

A representative who reported the events to local media had not spoken to the police or school officials, the news release claims. 

"He could have easily determined that the investigation concluded that there was no credible threat to staff or students in the Allen Park Public Schools at any time and that no one was in danger," the news release said. "We are unclear why such an inquiry did not occur."

Allen Park public school officials emphasized that their staff cares about the welfare of the students and the community.