Group of men suspected of smashing their way into 3 Detroit businesses

Video shows men using pickup truck to break into pharmacy

DETROIT – Many Detroit residents depend on People Pharmacy on Schaeffer Highway, but the store is recovering from a smash-and-grab.

Multiple cameras inside and outside the shop show a white pickup truck slamming into the security door at 5:02 a.m. Wednesday. Men got out of the truck with flashlights and emptied the shelf of codeine cough syrup.

"I feel sorry for myself and I feel sorry for the people that did the crime," People Pharmacy owner Tony Akande said.

Staff members were devastated when they watched the video.

"What is the purpose?" Akande asked. "What is the sense?"

His cameras captured video of a getaway SUV outside the shop and a third vehicle that dropped off another member of the smash-and-grab crew.

One hour later, the same group of thieves smashed their way into a liquor store on East 8 Mile Road, cleaning the place out.

Then, at 6:30 a.m., police believe the men smashed their way into a marijuana dispensary down the street.

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