Thieves rip off front of historic home in Detroit's Boston-Edison neighborhood

Piece of 1913 Greek Revival home in Boston Edison neighborhood stolen

DETROIT – The majestic 1913 Greek Revival home sits on the corner of Clairmount Avenue on the edge of the Boston Edison neighborhood in Detroit.

Currently the property of Wayne County, the home is heading to the Detroit Land Bank for sale. There have already been inquiries.

It's in a hot area for renovations, and there are many new homeowners who care about their neighborhood. That’s why it didn't go unnoticed when scavengers ripped off the front the home.

Neighbor Mark Hall was furious, then became livid when he saw the front for sale at the Detroit Antiques Mall.

"People are, like, 'It’s Detroit. Nobody cares. Nobody will follow up,'" Hall said. "That’s just not true."

Hall called Detroit police and Local 4. We found the front of the home at the mall, and right on our heels was the Detroit Police Department.

"This is a second-hand dealer, and they have requirements as far as having to identify the individual who is bringing the material in, having that individual sign indicating the materials aren't stolen," Detroit police Lt. Rebecca Mckay said.

McKay put the business on notice that the piece cannot be sold, and Detroit police want the records so officers can track down the thieves.

Scavengers have been fleecing Detroit homes for a great portion of the 2000s, but police said it will no longer be tolerated. The trade in stolen architectural salvage is facing a major crackdown.

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