Taylor couple dead after suspected murder-suicide outside Woodhaven business

Victims found fatally shot

WOODHAVEN, Mich. – Two people from Taylor were killed Friday night outside a Woodhaven business, police said.

Police said a call was received at about 11:22 p.m. from a caller who said her best friend, 22, and her husband, 23, were arguing in the driveway of Buckeye Terminals at 20755 West Road. The caller said the man had a gun.

Police said gunfire was heard while the caller was on the phone with 911, and she told the dispatcher that the man shot his wife and himself.

According to police, it appears the married couple had vehicle trouble and pulled into the driveway of the business. The female victim contacted the caller and a man, who came to the scene. The witnesses told police that the couple were having a dispute outside the vehicle when the husband opened fire.

Police found the victims with gunshot wounds to their heads, and a 9 mm handgun was recovered from the scene, officials said. The witnesses were unharmed.

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