Macomb County woman almost throws out winning $2 million lottery ticket

Couple plans to use winnings for college tuition for their children

LANSING, Mich. – A Macomb County woman nearly threw away a $2 million winning instant game ticket she received for her birthday.

The woman didn’t believe she’d won anything with the Multiplier Spectacular ticket she received and was going to toss it in the trash. Her husband discovered they had won $2 million when he checked it at a local retailer.

The man said he likes to give his wife Lottery tickets for her birthday and purchased the big winner at Kassa’s Market in Harrison Township.

"We don’t consider ourselves to be lucky, so this was a nice surprise," the husband said, who claimed the prize and chose to remain anonymous.

The couple visited Lottery headquarters Tuesday to claim the big prize. They chose to receive the prize as a one-time lump sum of about $1.3 million, rather than an annuity with 30 annual payments of nearly $67,000 for the full amount.

The couple said providing college tuition for their children was their top priority for using their windfall.