Canadian earthquake that rocked Metro Detroit is most significant in region since 2015 quakes

Quake hits near Amherstburg, Ontario

AMHERSTBURG, Ontario – An earthquake hit Canada on Thursday, shaking Metro Detroit and causing residents to wonder what they had felt and heard.

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The 3.6 magnitude earthquake hit near Amherstburg, Ontario, at 8:01 p.m. and was felt across the Metro area, especially Downriver.

According to University of Michigan earth and environmental science professor Larry Ruff, the earthquake is the most significant earthquake in the region since a pair of Michigan quakes in May and June of 2015. The quake in May 2015 had a magnitude of about 4.2.

This seismicity map shows all earthquakes in the region with a magnitude of 3.2 or larger since 1971.

Ruff said the earthquake was unusual, and at this time, he couldn't say for certain that it was a natural earthquake.

No damage has been reported.

This seismogram of the April 19, 2018, earthquake was recorded at the Ann Arbor seismograph station.