Southgate hair salon joins nationwide sustainability movement to help possibly clean up oil spill

Salon 621 joins Green Circle Salons movement

SOUTHGATE, Mich. – A Downriver hair salon joined a nationwide sustainability movement, and their input could potentially help clean up an oil spill someday. 

Salon 621, located on Dix-Toledo in Southgate, was the first salon in the Downriver community to join the Green Circle Salons movement. 

"Working with them, we get to recycle 95 percent of every service that we do," said Francesca D'Alimonte, the co-owner. 

D'Alimonte and her co-owners, Tammy Keresi and Christa Oliver, recycle hair trimmings, bottles, hair color, the foil used to help color hair, and all kinds of products. They ship two to three boxes of waste to a warehouse each week so the items can be repurposed. 

"We also are a drop-off location for the community so they can recycle any old, small appliances, curling irons, blow dryers, flat irons, batteries and light bulbs," D'Alimonte said. 

The hair trimmings alone are transformed into hair booms and animal shelter beds throughout the country. 

"[The hair booms] go to soak up oil spills in water," said D'Alimonte. 

Green Circle Salons is an organization specifically for hair salons. 

"In this industry, we have so much waste and there's not anywhere for it to go, really, other than the landfill," said D'Alimonte. 

The co-owners want to help promote sustainability throughout the Downriver community. 

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