Police make arrest after 11 children found living in deplorable conditions in Warren

11 children, 1 adult taken to hospital after becoming sick

WARREN, Mich. – Officials said 11 children are improving after being rushed to the hospital because of deplorable conditions inside a Warren house.

On Tuesday, the home looked like any other home in the Warren neighborhood, but the orange "Unsafe Structure" sticker on the door painted a different picture.

On Monday, Local 4 cameras saw several children being brought out of the home and placed inside ambulances.

Police said 11 children, all 11 years old and younger, were taken to the hospital after they mysteriously became sick inside the home.

Janique Thomas said her sister was watching the kids when she got the call at work.

"They called her grandma saying, 'Get home. Your kids can’t breathe. They’re home alone,'" Thomas said. "That’s all I know."

Local 4 learned the home was full of feces, and police are looking for a new home for the children. All 11 children are stable.

Police said one of the mothers was arrested, but they wouldn't release her name or why she was arrested.

As of now, no child abuse or child neglect charges have been filed, but police said that could soon change.

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