Dashcam video shows wild Michigan police chase with shots fired from suspect's vehicle

Chase ends in hospital parking lot where man shoots, kills himself

Dashcam video captured a police chase May 9, 2018 in Dearborn. (WDIV)
Dashcam video captured a police chase May 9, 2018 in Dearborn. (WDIV)

DEARBORN, Mich. – The video shows police chasing two vehicles through the streets of Dearborn on May 9. 

Officers tailed the suspects closely until eventually ramming one of the vehicles from the rear in an effort to stop them. At around the 1:25 minute mark of the video, police ram the suspect's car as shots are heard.

The chase comes to an end in the parking lot of Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn. One of the suspects fatally shot himself inside the vehicle in the parking lot. The other was wounded and treated inside the hospital. 

Police described this as a "driving gun battle." It all started as a fight in Melvindale. Police said it was the woman's old boyfriend against her new one. 

The new boyfriend was injured and started driving toward Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn with the old boyfriend still in pursuit. They arrived at the hospital campus at about the same time. 

The new boyfriend ran inside the hospital to get help. The old boyfriend shot and killed himself in the parking lot. 

The gun battle never entered the hospital.

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