Sterling Heights testing new pothole solution designed to last 5 years before repairs are needed

City spending nearly $50,000 to test epoxy on road

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – As roads in Sterling Heights crumble, the city is testing a new way to fix potholes.

The city is spending nearly $50,000 of its $30 million allocated for emergency road repairs to test epoxy on one third of a mile of Saal Road between Cornell and Alpena drives.

The epoxy is supposed to be five times stronger than concrete and supposedly will last five years before additional repairs are needed. It's also water, oil and salt resistant. 

"We want to be able to patch with something that holds up so that we're not patching over and over and over again," said Craig Jones of Performance Roads.

Epoxy can also be applied in cold temperatures, eliminating the wait until spring to make road repairs.

"This product can go down to 15 degrees, where typically you can't go down that cold with cold patch," Jones said.