Detroit apartment complex condemned after walkway collapses, injuring two

DETROIT – An entire apartment building was condemned after a third-floor walkway collapsed Sunday, injuring two people on Detroit's east side.

After the collapse, city inspectors have been examining other buildings in the Anthos Garden complex, located on Outer Drive, south of 8 Mile Road. The condemned building's 47 residents were forced to leave, but have been receiving assistance from the American Red Cross. 

Residents said they aren't surprised and have complained to the apartment management regarding different issues that have never been resolved.

Sam Halloway witnessed the collapse, which injured his sister, Lakia Holloway, and friend, Raymon Cleveland.

"I looked over to the right and they took two, maybe three steps and the next thing you know, they just fell to the ground," Halloway said.

The two fell 30 feet as the walkway collapsed beneath them.

"I ran all the way to the edge thinking I could fall in there, too," Halloway said. "I looked down and saw her unresponsive. I didn't see him."

Cleveland was buried under the concrete. Halloway and others tried their best to remove the rubble and debris.

"I've done construction work and I've never seen that many pounds of brick on top of a person like that," Halloway said.

Both Lakia Halloway and Cleveland were knocked unconscious. Cleveland had a collapsed lung and head injuries.

"I thank God that my husband is still living," said Regina Cleveland. "This was a blessing that he didn't end up dying."

Many people are upset, realizing how close they came to falling.

"I held on for my life," said one resident. "I almost died."

City inspectors came to the complex to investigate. Officials said the complex had failed inspection a year ago and was fined thousands of dollars. Local 4 was told it is too early in the investigation to say if there was a follow-up since then.