Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick asks President Trump to commute his sentence

Kilpatrick asks for pardon in lengthy blog post

DETROIT – Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick launched a new push to get out of prison, writing a lengthy blog post saying God has pardoned him so the president should, too.

Kilpatrick has been behind bars for seven years of his 28-year sentence, but he said that's long enough.

The disgraced former mayor said he's found Jesus and learned his lesson. He said he's ready for the next chapter of his life.

Kilpatrick's 22-year-old son, Jalil, made a rap video saying the 28 years his father received is too long. He's lobbying to get his father out of prison, too.

"It's too much time. There was no crime," Jalil Kilpatrick said in his rap video.

Jalil Kilpatrick used the U.S. Capitol as the backdrop for the video, which was created to rally support behind the "vacate the 28" movement.

"Yes, I have made some very bad decisions in my life," Kwame Kilpatrick wrote. "Yes, I betrayed my wife and family because of my own lust and sin.

"Yes, I failed to deliver on the promises and opportunities that were given to me by the people of Detroit, Michigan, and yes, I have been severely punished for it.

"Our country has always been the land of second chances. I am hoping, confidently expecting, that I will have the opportunity to boldly move into the next season of my life outside these prison walls."

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