Ypsilanti neighborhood scene of nearly 30 break-ins over past month

YPSILANTI, Mich. – Residents of a downtown Ypsilanti community are taking note of an excessively high number of home invasions in the neighborhood over the last month.

"Being in this neighborhood is really nice," Wesley Schact said. "That just adds a shade of ickiness to it."

That ickiness Schact refers to is crime. A friend of Schact's had their home broken into recently. 

According to crime statistics, there have been almost 30 reported break-ins and robberies in the past month. 


"That is a lot higher than I had actually thought," Schact said. "That's really shocking to me."

Unfortunately, it isn't as shocking to Maeklyn Sargent 

"There was a dude in my building who had his mini fridge stolen," Sargent said, "There was a girl who lived in my building who had stuff taken out of her car."

Sargent was a victim of a robbery herself.

"I had my bike stolen a couple months ago and I was able to get it back," Sargent said. "But I had to buy it back from the person." 

She's so fed up with it, she's moving out of the neighborhood.

"I understand that these are material objects and, in the end, it doesn't affect me and I can have so much worse going on with my life," Sargent said. "But doggonit, I'd like to not think about my material possessions disappearing into the hands of someone else." 

They're hoping the thief or thieves cut it out.  

"Stop it," Schact said. "People already have enough to worry about than to worry about some jerk breaking into their house and taking the stuff that they worked really hard for." 

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