Coyotes attack, kill deer in front yard of Rochester Hills home

Residents concerned about how close coyotes are to homes

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. – Residents are feeling uneasy after coyotes brutally attacked and killed a deer in the front yard of a Rochester Hills home Tuesday morning.

Susan Pavlov opened the door of her condominium near Crooks and Hamlin roads to see the mess left behind after two coyotes ate what they wanted of the deer and left the rest.

"Opened the door to let the dog out and saw splatters of blood, clumps of fur and a dead deer carcass on the sidewalk," Pavlov said.

The Department of Natural Resources said the attack is unusual. It believes the deer may have been injured because coyotes usually go after smaller prey. 

"It makes you a little more timid. It makes you look around, and maybe I might bang a pan before I go outside with my dog. Maybe people with small pets and kids should do it as well," Pavlov said.

The DNR said coyotes usually avoid human contact and will typically leave when they are alerted that a human is nearby. For more information from the department about coyotes, click here.

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