Police say brown water from Dearborn faucets poses no health hazard

Construction project causes discolored water at Dearborn homes

Dearborn residents reported brown water coming from faucets. (WDIV)
Dearborn residents reported brown water coming from faucets. (WDIV)

DEARBORN, Mich. – Dearborn police said brown water coming from faucets in the city isn't causing any health problems.

Residents in southwest Dearborn have reported brown water coming from their faucets Thursday. The water is safe, but discolored, officials said.

The brown water is related to the construction project on Oakwood Boulevard and is expected to be resolved by 8 p.m. Thursday, officials said. Sediments were disturbed through the planned rerouting of the water flow as part of the construction project, according to police.

The brown color is caused by iron and calcium deposits in water pipes that are being dislodged because of a change in the direction of water flow, officials said.

Homes between Michigan Avenue and Dartmouth Street and from the Southfield Freeway to Grindley Park on the west side are affected.

Police said residents should flush the water systems in their homes by turning on the faucet in the lowest level of the home for 20-30 minutes. If the water doesn't run clear after 30 minutes, residents should call the water department at 313-943-2100.

Residents shouldn't do laundry until the water in their house runs clear because clothes could become discolored.

Dearborn officials are flushing fire hydrants to address the situation.

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