Detroit city clerk shows off new voting machines, precinct readiness ahead of primary election

DETROIT – Voters will head to the polls Tuesday and one Detroit city clerk wants to make sure everyone is as ready as she is.

City Clerk Janice Winfrey touted the district's readiness by showing off the voting machines Detroit received last election cycle. Many have already been packed up and sent to precincts, ready for election day.

Rather than a two-page ballot, the newer machine takes a longer and wider ballot. 

Winfrey said all machines have been tested in preparation for the upcoming primary. To expedite the voting process, 13 additional precincts have been added.

"10 of our highest-voter precincts were split to reduce the long lines and waits on election day," Winfrey said.

Detroit now has 503 voting precincts staffed with 3,000 poll workers who have gone through three training classes.

There's also more flexibility when it comes to absentee voting.

"Three weeks prior to every election, we allow our citizens to go to one of our voting satellites to vote their absentee ballot in person," Winfrey said.

The city clerk expects 12 to 17 percent voter turnout in Detroit but she said the city is prepared for 100 percent turnout and it's never been easier to vote.

"We do much more now than we have even 10 years ago," said Winfrey.

A third party -- Libertarian -- will appear on the ballot for this election. It's important that voters don't split their ticket in a primary. You can only vote in one party section. 

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