Florida couple adopts 18-month-old twins from parents struggling with opioid addiction

Jennifer and David Ditges become parents for first time

Jennifer Ditges said she always dreamed of being a mom and having a big family.

"We thought it would be easy," Ditges said. "Isn't that what happens to everyone? You get married and you have a family."

When she and her husband David tried to have their first child, they had a miscarriage. They kept trying and suffered unimaginable loss.

"All in all, we have lost 14 children," Jennifer Ditges said.

The couple decided to become foster parents.

"Let’s give love to somebody who isn’t getting love at home," Jennifer Ditges said. 

As they readied their home for foster children, two parents were losing their girls to addiction. The 18-month-old twins would eventually come to live with David and Jennifer, who were thrilled.

"I have been waiting my whole life for this," Jennifer Ditges said. "I've always dreamed of being a mom."

The Ditges became a second set of parents to the girls. David was called Deeda and Jennifer was called Meema. The children's biological parents tried to get clean but ended up surrendering their parental rights to the Ditges.

"When the mom signed over her rights, she said, 'I know I can't do this. I haven't been able to say no to drugs and alcohol long enough to be the mom that they need,'" Jennifer Ditges said.

"At first, you don't understand it," David Ditges said. "You would think, you would hope, they could stop something like that for the sake of keeping their kids, but that addiction is just too much sometimes. It feels good that she -- because she loved these kids -- was able to trust us to kind of hand them over in a way to let us love them and raise them."

This is the first adoption for the Ditges. They believe the girls have their physical traits. One has blue eyes like David and the other has brown eyes like Jennifer. One has brown hair like David and the other has blonde hair like Jennifer.

As new parents to the girls, the Ditges said they just want the girls to feel loved.

The Ditges have continued to take in more foster children, including a boy and girl who are siblings.

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