Strong winds blow tree struck by lightning last week onto Harrison Township man's house

Resident uninjured when tree falls on house


HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A tree that was struck by lightning last week in Harrison Township was blown over Monday and landed on a man's house.

"All of a sudden, I heard this crackle and boom, and I turned around -- the house looked like it blew up," Arnold Welton said.

Welton said his neighbor was in the bedroom when a massive tree came crashing down on the home.

"All sorts of insulation was flying through the air," Welton said. "It scared me."

Neighbors rushed to check on the man.

"We would've went in and got him," Welton said. "We would've torn our way in and got him."

Welton said his neighbor wasn't hurt and stayed surprisingly calm.

"We were over there knocking on the door and he said he was alright and had to squish his way out," Welton said.

Welton said he was mowing his lawn Monday evening when the winds suddenly picked up.

"I looked up," Welton said. "It got cloudy. The winds started blowing and it came in as a straight wind and just hit everything."

Last week, the tree that fell Monday was struck by lightning, causing a large branch to fall.

"It was at the same spot where the first branch came off," Welton said. "So what it did -- it weakened it so when the wind came in, it broke off."

Now, neighbors are worried about their own trees toppling over.

"I've got a big tree," Welton said. "My neighbor's got a big tree. I'm worried about lightning hitting it and hitting my house."

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