Former Troy city manager pleads guilty to federal bribery charges

Brian Kischnick pleads guilty to accepting bribes from contractor

Brian Kischnick in court (WDIV)
Brian Kischnick in court (WDIV)

TROY, Mich. – Federal officials nabbed another public official as Troy's former city manager pleaded guilty to accepting bribes from a contractor.

But what he pleaded to is a drop in the bucket compared to what the U.S. Attorney's Office has on him.

Brian Kischnick's problems started in March when he was arrested for allegedly tackling his 28-year-old assistant who he was dating at the time.

The city fired Kischnick from his $161,000 per year job over a tenure that had plenty of controversy and allegations of bad behavior.

Federal officials lowered the boom, charging Kischnick as part of an ongoing FBI public corruption probe.

According to federal prosecutors, Kischnick shook down Troy's paving contractor for more than $40,000 in free benefits, such as an apartment, meals and getting rid of his old driveway.

In his plea deal, Kischnick confessed to asking for $15,000 and receiving more than $5,000. Federal officials are asking a judge to put him behind bars for three to five years.

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