Dispute between neighbors leads to pellet gun shooting on Detroit's east side, police say

Resident accused of shooting neighbor with pellet gun during ongoing dispute


DETROIT – A dispute between two Detroit neighbors on the city's east side left one hospitalized due to a pellet gun shooting, according to officials.

Police said a man shot at his neighbor with a pellet gun Wednesday afternoon on French Road near Shoemaker Street.

"It's kind of what happens around here, but it's no surprise to me," resident Daryn Moore said.

Moore said he was in the neighborhood at the time of the shooting.

"It's shameful that it has to get to this way, get to this kind of dispute over nothing, and that people have to get hurt in the situation," Moore said.

Police arrested the man believed to have been responsible for the shooting.

The victim was hospitalized but is expected to be OK, officials said.

"If you're having a dispute, it shouldn't get to that route where you're shooting someone or shooting by someone and you're almost killing a person," Moore said.

Officers spoke to witnesses at the scene and scoured the neighborhood for evidence. The shooting is still under investigation.

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