Go inside the old Eloise psychiatric hospital in Westland with ghost hunters

Local 4's Paula Tutman returns to Eloise after more than 20 years

DETROIT – With redevelopment plans in the works, ghost hunters - and creative minds alike - are paying what could be their final visit to the old Eloise hospital in Westland.

Local 4's Paula Tutman visited the old hospital more than 20 years ago - and captured a ghostly encounter of her own.

On Halloween, Paula returned to Eloise for the first time since that encounter with some help from Detroit Paranormal Expeditions. Watch her Local 4 First at 4 story in the video player above.

Eloise began as the Wayne County Poorhouse, which opened in 1839 in the now defunct Nankin Township. After the Great Depression, the population of the complex started to decrease, as reports of violence, questionable conditions, misconduct and overall neglect surfaced.

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Farm operations ceased in 1958, and the psychiatric division began to close in 1977 when the state took over. The main hospital closed in 1984.

Visitors have reported odd occurrences on the hospital grounds for years after it was closed.

There have been reports of people finding medical waste and other strange items. Some have reported finding jars containing human body parts, as well as documents outlining strange medical procedures.

More on Eloise history here.

Watch Paula's Eloise story from more than 20 years ago below:

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