Port Huron store clerk fights back against attempted robber

PORT HURON, Mich. – A Port Huron store clerk said "not on his watch." It all started when a suspect walked in and tried to rob his store, but the store clerk wasn’t having it. He fought back. 

Muhammad works at the Marathon Gas Station in Port Huron pretty much every day and knows practically everyone who shops there. 

Well, besides one guy, that was caught on camera. The video showed the man dressed in all black, come into the store, walk to the cash register and place a black bag on the counter.

“Yeah, he asked for the money and went for the cash register,” said Muhammad. 

Muhammad told him no, but the suspect went for the money anyway. That’s when Muhammad jumped into action. The two men started fighting, but Muhammad had the upper hand. He even put the suspect in a choke hold.

“Yeah, everything happened in 15 minutes,” said Muhammad. 

The video showed every bit of the fight. The two men continued to fight and although the suspect clearly lost the battle, he still tried to get the money out of the cash register. 

With one last attack, Muhammad was able to grab the guy and escort him out of the store, where another customer helped Muhammad hold him until the cops arrived. 

The suspect is facing one count of unarmed robbery, a 15 year felony. He’ll be back in court on Nov. 13. 

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