Detroit police warn neighborhood of man entering homes, targeting young girls

Community on high alert

DETROIT – A Detroit community is on high alert after police sent out a warning to families about a man who has been breaking into homes with young girls.

The three homes that were targeted were in the area of McNichols Road and the Southfield Freeway on the city's west side.

Most people Local 4 spoke with didn't know about the disturbing crime alert. Police said the man is doing more than just lurking overnight in the neighborhood. They believe he's entering homes and specifically targeting homes where young girls are sleeping.

"It's just sad. I have a daughter myself, and I'd lose it if that was to happen to me," said a father who lives in the area and is choosing to remain anonymous.

His young daughter already has encountered a burglar in their home this year. He's concerned that hearing Detroit police are looking for a man linked to three home invasions in the area will make his daughter even more frightened.

"You break into someone's home, and you take nothing and just stand over the kid, or whatever, you could be a pedophile or just someone who's mentally off," he said.

Detroit police don't know the true motive of the individual, but they do believe he's targeting homes of young girls. There have been no reports of sexual assault, but police fear that could change.

"We are definitely looking through all of our home invasions to see if there are additional break-ins that match the pattern," Detroit police Capt. Jevon Johnson said.

The man enters the homes through unlocked windows or doors.

"So our concern is we want the citizens to be sure to lock your doors, even when they're at home but especially at night," he said.

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