Faygo's Moon Mist Red returns


DETROIT – Faygo fans can rejoice as Moon Mist Red has returned. Red rejoins the current line-up as one of Faygo’s 54 flavors.

The 2018 edition of Moon Mist Red joins Green and Blue as it is on store shelves now.
There is a wider release planned throughout December and into the New Year. 

“It’s always a challenge to take a fondly-remembered flavor from the past and find ways to improve it.   Yet for over a century, Faygo has succeeded at recognizing what people love the most about our pop, and how to make that experience even bigger and bolder,” said Al Chittaro, president of Faygo Beverages.  “After many months of anticipation and extensive taste-testing, we’re fully satisfied that improved and enhanced Moon Mist Red will delight fans of its original run as well as those who are tasting it for the first time.  It stands apart as a truly unique flavor experience - it’s unmistakably Faygo.”

Moon Mist Red, available at retail outlets in 24-ounce and 2-liter bottles, will be paired with its sister, Moon Mist Green, during November and December.  

Faygo has curated its flavor line-up since 1907 to include a variety of classic flavors, including Detroit favorites Redpop and Rock & Rye, such throwback specialties as the 2017 reissue of Arctic Sun, and Cotton Candy.