Detroit police want people illegally dumping to know they're being watched

Detroit police dealing with dumping complaints

DETROIT – Cameras are starting to pop up in spots throughout Detroit where illegal dumping is a problem.

Detroit police are arresting people, fining them and impounding the vehicles that were used to leave behind illegally dumped items. Police want people to know that the cameras are on and recording.

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Detroit police lieutenant Rebecca McKay heads up a special Detroit police unit dealing with dumping complaints.

Neighbors call a stretch of East State Fair Avenue "scary alley" because of people illegally dumping their unwanted items.

April Hill lives in the area and is tired of waking up to whatever people deicide to leave behind in her neighborhood.

"We've nicknamed it 'scary alley,' because anything goes back here. There's all matter of evil taking place back here," she said.

Detroit police are monitoring the area. Video from last weekend shows two men pulling up to the alley late at night and leaving behind a boat.

"Unhook the boat from the trailer it's sitting on, and they take off and the boat flies off the back of the trailer," McKay said.

Police are still looking for those men.

James Derway was arrested after police said he stopped a van and unloaded old tires. He wasn't able to dump all the tires because an angry neighbor confronted him.

"Of course, we encourage any help we can get from citizens out there, but do it in a safe manner. Keep yourself at a distance," McKay said.


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