Caught on video: Apartments, townhomes targeted by porch thief in Clinton Township

Man appears to have 2 children with him

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – People in apartments and townhomes on Wellington Drive in Clinton Township are on the lookout for a man accused of stealing packages off porches.

He was caught on video the day after Thanksgiving, scoping out a few packages and a few minutes later, moving in to steal them.

Aubre Myers also had a package containing sheets and one containing a $350 bottle of perfume stolen.

"It was of my wife's artwork. I blew up the canvas for her birthday coming up," Myers said. "It is sad. Times aren't getting any easier and you work hard for these gifts just to get 'em stolen."

Trashawnda Cannon, who lives a few doors down had a package stolen a while back.

"I don't get anything delivered because too much coming up missing around here," Cannon said. "It makes me worry about my daughter because I have a young child. You have people stealing right outside your door, how safe can you be?" she said.

The man stealing packages appears to have two children with him.

Other neighbors are sharing their surveillance pictures of the man with hopes that someone will recognize him and call Clinton Township police.

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