Prosecutors say man suspected of shooting into several Detroit homes had kill list

Robert McLendon accused of terrorizing Detroit neighborhoods

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DETROIT – The man suspected of firing shots into several homes on Detroit's west side had a kill list, according to authorities.

Robert McLendon is accused of terrorizing Detroit neighborhoods since last summer, shooting into several homes in a seemingly random manner.

"The windows just started getting shot out," one resident said.

"He shot out the front of my house," another resident said.

A shooting Wednesday morning on Hazelwood Street led to McLendon's arrest. Police believe he's responsible for almost a dozen shootings.

"When they apprehended him, they found two magazines on him -- one to an AR-style rifle, another to a Glock handgun," Wayne County assistant prosecuting attorney Richard Nelson Jr. said.

Officials said they found a kill list at McLendon's home.

"Various addresses in the neighborhood were listed," Nelson said. "Three addresses that were shot up that night, Dec. 5, were listed inside that book."

The list suggested McLendon knew exactly who he was targeting in some cases.

"One of the entries had one of the addresses and then the words, 'Kill the b---- there,'" Nelson said.

McLendon is charged with carrying a dangerous weapon and assault with intent to murder.

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