Email bomb threats reported nationwide, including multiple Metro Detroit locations

All-clear given at Downtown Detroit locations

DETROIT – Email bomb threats have been reported at locations across the country, including major buildings in Downtown Detroit and around Southeast Michigan.

The all-clear was given before 4 p.m. Thursday at the buildings in Downtown Detroit.

The threats have been linked to one email sent en masse across the country. It's written in broken English and demands bitcoin to keep bombs from going off.

So far, the buildings that have been affected in Metro Detroit include the Guardian Building and the Wayne County Treasurer's Office in Detroit and the Sandalwood Apartments and Atrium Office Center in Ann Arbor.

Federal officials said all the threats appear to be linked to the email threat with no rhyme or reason as to the choices of targets. Some are commercial buildings and others are government and residential buildings, officials said.

"We are aware of the recent bomb threats made in cities around the country and we remain in touch with our law enforcement partners to provide assistance," the FBI field office in Detroit said. "As always, we encourage the public to remain vigilant and to promptly report suspicious activities, which could represent a threat to public safety."

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