IRS claims Aretha Franklin's estate owes $6 million in back taxes

Estate being audited


DETROIT – The Internal Revenue Service is auditing Aretha Franklin's estate.

The government claims Franklin owes more than $6 million in back taxes going back to 2012. An attorney representing the estate said that at least $3 million in back taxes has been paid to the IRS since Franklin's death.

David Bennett, who represents Franklin's estate, told The Associated Press on Thursday that the estate is being audited by the IRS, which he says filed a claim this month in a county probate court north of Detroit.

"We have a tax attorney. All of her returns have been filed," Bennett told the AP. "We have disputes with the IRS regarding what they claim was income. We claim it's double-dipping income because they don't understand how the business works."

Franklin died in August at the age of 76. At the time of her death, she owned a home in Bloomfield Township, according to the AP.

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