Roseville police dedicate cruiser to domestic violence awareness

Cruiser has website for victims painted on side

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ROSEVILLE, Mich. – The Roseville Police Department decided to raise awareness about domestic violence with a police cruiser.

Though it isn't always discussed, domestic violence is prevalent and affects many people, so police decided to give one of their cruisers a new paint job dedicated to the cause.

"One in four women and one in seven men. So you think about that statistically, that's insane," said Karen Bates-Gasior, of Turning Point Macomb.

Turning Point is dedicated to helping victims of domestic and sexual violence. The police cruiser features the organization's website on the side because oftentimes, victims of abuse don't know where to go for help.

"It's [domestic violence] probably one of the biggest, most frequent calls for service we go on every night, whether it's just people arguing or actually physical and it ends up in an arrest, it's definitely a major concern," Roseville Police chief Ryan Monroe said.

Along with resources to help victim on its website, Turning Point Macomb also has a crisis helpline. It is 586-463-6990.

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