7th-grade girl accused of stabbing boy with scissors at Anderson Middle School in Berkley

Nearly 30 students in classroom at time of stabbing

BERKLEY, Mich. – At 2 p.m. Tuesday, the Berkley Department of Public Safety responded to Anderson Middle School on a report of a student stabbing another student with a pair of scissors.

The injured student was transported to a hospital. The stabbing occurred inside a classroom at the school. A female student was taken into custody and is accused of using a pair of scissors to stab a male student.

ORIGINALOfficials say student stabbed classmate with scissors at middle school in Berkley

The students are both in seventh-grade and the alleged crime happened during sixth period in a classroom with nearly 30 students. The girl is in police custody and the boy is expected to recover.

"I came out the door and there's two police cars out here and an ambulance. I thought maybe someone got sick," said Marc McNamarra, who lives near the school.

"It's a school, there's going to be scissors in the school, that's not out of the ordinary. I think we have to wait for things to play out," PTSA President Carey Goryl said. "I think, generally, we trust the school will follow due process and handle this fairly."

The suspect has been removed from the school and faces expulsion. Parents said students in the classroom are likely traumatized by what they witnessed.

The school will have extra counselors available Wednesday.

Police have not said where the boy was stabbed or how many times.

Michael Ross, Anderson Middle School principal, released the following statement: 

"I am writing to let you know of an incident which occurred today at AMS. This afternoon, an AMS student harmed another student with a pair of scissors during class. Berkley Public Safety was called and responded within minutes. The injured student is expected to be ok and was transported to the hospital. The student who caused harm today was removed from school pending the outcome of an investigation. We will enforce the District’s Student Code of Conduct and policies as necessary once the investigation is complete. Student safety is of the utmost importance at AMS. Please remind your children that if they ever hear or see anything suspicious or unsafe, to immediately report it to a trusted adult."

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