Macomb County officials warn of scammers pretending to call from health department

Caller ID suggests calls come from health department

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – Macomb County Health Department officials are issuing a warning to residents about a scam targeting elderly people.

Older residents are getting calls from what they believe to be the health department, but instead, it's a scammer looking to get personal information, officials said. They're asking for Medicare information and much more, police said.

County officials said they've been flooded with calls about the scammers. High-tech thieves are even calling some from out of state to get their information, authorities said.

Residents said the caller ID often shows the call is coming from the health department, so it's caller ID spoofing, according to authorities. It makes the call seem more legitimate.

Anyone who receives this type of call should hang up, call the health department and ask if it called, police said.

Experts said people should never share personal information over the phone with someone who calls out of the blue.

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