Farmington Hills woman says McDonald's drive-thru worker discriminated against her

Woman recorded incident on cellphone

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – A Farmington Hills woman, originally from Taiwan, said a McDonald's drive-thru worker made fun of her accent and continued to do so after she started recording the alleged incident on her cellphone.

The incident allegedly happened Thursday night at a McDonald's on Grand River Avenue and Drake Road in Farmington Hills.

Huijung Tsai can speak three languages: English, Mandarin and Taiwanese. She said as soon as she pulled up to the McDonald's drive-thru, she knew she was being mocked.

"I started filming because I realized they were making fun of me," she said.

Tsai said the mocking went on for about 30 seconds before she started recording.

"I told myself it's not a big deal, but I haven't been able to sleep well," she said.

After recording the incident, she said she tried speaking with a manager. She received a phone call a few days later. She was told the employee had been fired, but she felt the apology wasn't sincere.

"She was arguing with me on the phone, saying, 'Teens do stupid things,'" she said.

Tsai felt she wasn't being taken seriously. She believes McDonald's needs to screen and train its employees better.

The owner and operator of the restaurant, Teresa Mullins, released the following statement:

"I can confirm the employee who demonstrated this unacceptable behavior is no longer employed by my organization. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated in my restaurants."

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