Guns drawn in controversial arrest of popular D.J. on his Highland Park property

Video shows D.J. 'Moodyman' being arrested by Highland Park police officers

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. – Video shows guns being drawn and tensions escalating as Highland Park police arrested a popular D.J. for being on his own property.

Detroit techno D.J. Kenny Dixon Jr., known as "Moodyman," was confronted by the officers, who demanded he show proof that he owned the property.

"Highland Park police came in my backyard demanding proof of ownership, and this is how they reacted," Dixon wrote on Instagram. "Went to jail again, charged me for breaking and entering on my own property, even though I had keys. What you can't see is nine other officers pointing their AR-15s directly at my head. Next time just pull the trigger. Let's get this (expletive) over with. I'm tired. I'm so tired."

Highland Park officials refused to talk about the incident, but sent out a statement saying police were looking for scrappers last Saturday night when they made contact with Dixon on his property.

Police said he didn't produce a personal ID or proof that he owned the property.

While in custody, Dixon proved that he owns the property and was given five citations, one of which was for not telling police he is a CCW holder, Local 4 was told.

"Mr. Dixon has since met with HPPD, and this matter was resolved to the satisfaction of Mr. Dixon," a spokesperson for Highland Park told Local 4.

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