Etiquette academy at Holy Name Catholic School in Birmingham works to keep manners alive

Students learn good manners early in life

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. – Have good manners gone out of style? That's not the case at Holy Name Catholic School in Birmingham, where students learn the basics at the etiquette academy.

Many people might struggle with good manners, but that shouldn't be the case with students at Holy Name. They're taught early on that manners are important.

Danielle Kovachevich is a professional business etiquette instructor. She said social media has played a big part in the lack of manners in today's society.

Many of the children notice that even when people are face to face, their minds seem to be somewhere else, and that's rude, according to officials with the etiquette academy.

Kovachevich teaches that when people lose actual human contact, they lose the skills that come with it.

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