Oakland County crews work to clear neighborhood streets of snow

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – Crews in Oakland County are working to finish clearing neighborhood streets

"Just gotta drive easy," snowplow driver Greg Belanger said.

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Many subdivisions in Oakland County haven't been cleared yet and more than 150 county drivers spent hours trying to clear up what's left of the snow before temperatures dropped below zero.

"Everything was frozen inside here," Belanger said. "The brine actually shoots from these tanks."

Belanger found himself not using the brine or salt as he worked Tuesday night because it was too cold already.

"We won't be able to do nothing until it warms up a little," he said.

When it's too cold, salt or brine does not work. Crews wanted to get to the point where pavement was visible on all streets, but the reality is that many streets are still snow covered.

"Because the cars drove on them and packed them down and you can't get the salt in because it's too cold," Belanger said.

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