Suspect in fatal Southfield Freeway shooting of 3-year-old boy turns himself in to police

DETROIT – The suspect in the fatal shooting of a 3-year-old boy on the Southfield Freeway has turned himself in to police, according to authorities.

The boy, Christian Miller, was strapped into a car seat when he was shot between the shoulder blades, according to police. He was taken to Sinai Grace Hospital and then rushed to Children's Hospital, where he died Friday morning, police said.

UPDATEDetroit man charged in Southfield Freeway shooting that killed 3-year-old boy

Former Detroit police Chief Ralph Godbee now runs the police department at Detroit Public Schools, and he got a call early Wednesday morning that led to the suspect in the shooting death.

“I got a call from Minister Fuqua Bey that said, 'There’s a young man involved in an incident. Do you still have connections with DPD?” Godbee said.


The suspect, a 24-year-old-man, wanted to turn himself in. Police had found his Mercedes on Wednesday morning. He knew police were looking for him and wanted to surrender safely. Godbee called up Chief James Craig and facilitated the surrender.

Michigan State Police said the suspect had no connection to Miller’s family. Investigators say the suspect fired a shot into the car the little boy was in after a traffic incident. They don’t call it road rage. Miller’s godmother, who was driving, had no clue a driver behind her was angry.

Godbee asked the suspect not to tell him details of the case but did say he was remorseful and tearful.

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