Protesters demand firing of Detroit police officer over 'racially insensitive' Snapchat video

DETROIT – Dozens of protesters marched outside the Detroit Police Department Monday, demanding that an officer involved in sending a "racially insensitive" Snapchat video be fired as soon as possible.

Protesters want Officer Gary Steele fired now -- and they want to know why an internal investigation is taking so long.

“He made fun of her and Black History Month at the same time, so he’s making fun of black people,” said one protester. 

Two weeks ago, Local 4 obtained video of Steele’s Snapchat, in which he was mocking a black woman walking home after a traffic stop.

In the video, Steele made racist comments about the wmoan, like, "Bye Felicia." He was immediately placed on administrative leave with pay.

The Rev. Charles Williams, with the National Action Network, said Steele should be fired.

“We’re saying 'Hell no. We would not take it. This officer still has to go” said Williams.

It’s been two weeks since Detroit Police started an internal investigation. Many are saying they’re taking too long with a decision about Steele’s future.

“We are on track. We’re moving forward," said Detroit police chief James Craig. "I know that some are critical and saying that the chief has the ability to fire this officer now. As I stated in the past, what’s  most important is that we follow due process. We want to reassure the public that we are taking this allegation extremely seriously, and we’re moving forward much faster than we have in other investigations in the past."

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