Judge Kahlilia Davis ordered to use public entrance to 36th District Court

Court order against judge issued Friday

DETROIT – It is very rare for a judge to have to enter a courthouse through the same security checkpoint as everyone else, but that is what one Detroit judge is being ordered to do by colleagues. 

There was drama inside the 36th District Court in downtown Detroit on Monday. That drama unfolded through a court order issued by Chief Judge Nancy Blount against Judge Kahlilia Yvette Davis. 

Local 4 learned Friday about one court order Bount issued against Davis. It states that Davis cannot enter the courthouse through the judge’s entrance. Davis now has to use the entrance used by attorneys and media. 

The order further orders Davis not to bring any weapon of any nature into the courthouse. Security personnel are specifically authorized to confiscate and store any weapon she may possess. 

“I cannot comment as to why or how this came about. I do not have any information. I think the best route and most intelligent route is to ask,” said attorney Todd Russell Perkins, who is representing Davis. 

Perkins tells Local 4 that he is not sure where this order came from, but feels his client is being targeted. 

Blount’s office released this statement:

"In consultation with State Court Administrator Milton Mack, I issued an internal order concerning Judge Kahlilia Yvette Davis. This order was not intended to be made public, however, it is my understanding that Judge Davis posted this document on Facebook. 

Given her posts on social media, the import of which I think most reasonable people would find threatening (as well as several other incidents that I will not offer information on at this time), it was imperative to take further measures to ensure the safety of all within the Courthouse. The totality of all of these factors necessitated immediate action. 
The order that I entered requires Judge Davis to enter through the employee entrance and clear through Security. As always, providing quality service and ensuring the safety of the public is of the utmost importance. 

Despite assertions to the contrary, I have no personal history with Judge Davis. As Chief Judge, I have a responsibility to the Court and to the public to ensure that the administration of justice and the timely resolution of cases are carried out. I would also like to reiterate that the lawsuit brought by Judge Davis in 2017 was found to be meritless and was dismissed. 
The appropriate entities have been made aware of this situation and are ultimately responsible for its resolution."

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