Oak Park doctor, son charged with running illegal pain clinic after FBI raid

Pair allegedly billed Medicare $2.77M

OAK PARK, Mich. – Federal agents spent part of Tuesday at a pain clinic in Oak Park, but they were not patients.

Agents raided the Pain Stop MD offices on Greenfield Road near Lincoln. The FBI confirmed to Local 4 that agents were conducting a search warrant on a health care fraud case.

According to the criminal complaint, 84-year-old Gandam Samuel Jayakar is accused of running the clinic illegally with the help of his son, Sanjit James Jayakar.

The pair are facing charges of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and health care fraud. 

Authorities said, from April 2017 until Feb. 2019, the pair billed Medicare for services that were not necessary or not performed.

In March 2019, the FBI received a complaint that non-sterile injections were being done at the clinic and Jayakar's son, who is not a licensed medical professional, was administering the injections.

According to the complaint, Jayakar's son was administering the injections because his father's hands were too shaky. 

The pair allegedly billed Medicare $2.77 million. The investigation is now in the hands of federal prosecutors. 

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