Dearborn police: 21-year-old woman charged with poisoning boyfriend's orange juice

Arrieana Yednock (Mug shot)
Arrieana Yednock (Mug shot)

DEARBORN, Mich. – A 21-year-old Dearborn woman is accused of poisoning food after becoming angry with her boyfriend.

Dearborn police said 21-year-old Arrieana Yednock has been charged with poisoning food by the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.

Here's what Dearborn police said:

On February 17, 2019 officers responded to the 24000 block of Hickory for a family trouble report. The investigation revealed that the Arrieana Yednock became angry with her boyfriend and put a substance in his orange juice to make him sick.

The boyfriend did not know the substance was in his drink and gave some to their children. The kids began complaining of upset stomachs and Yednock admitted to spiking the drink.

The children were checked by Fire/Rescue and found to be uninjured. 

Yednock was arraigned on charges and was released on $5,000 personal bond. Police did not say what substance she used to poison the food.

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